Flexible multidisciplinary research platforms

R/V Wayfinder is equipped to conduct protected waters research focusing on bathymetry, water chemistry, ocean-athmospheric interactions, climate change, underwater ecosystems monitoring. The vessel high speed enables it to reach location where fast responses are needed, such as marine debris and mammal entanglements.

Research work is conducted through the utilization of flexible platforms that can be carried on-board to support specific research tasks. Some of the platforms are novel and were developed specifically for R/V Wayfinder. The low draft of the vessel allows us to work in tidal and other coastal waters where bigger vessels might struggle.

Integrated biology and chemistry

On board laboratory capability to measure water quality at the surface as well as at depth up to 300m, including temperature, Ph, salinity, desolved oxygen as well conduct other rapid testing. Biological sample collection and microscopy slide preparation, analysis; Air quality monitoring; Measurement of dynamic forces including flow rates and atmospheric events.

Water Column measurements through castable CTD (Conductivity-Temperature-Depth) measurements for instant profiles of temperature (accuracy 0.05C), salinity (accuracy 0.1 PSU) , sound speed with a 5Hz sampling speed and for up to 100m water columns.

Underwater Imaging ROV

Remotely Operated Vehicle for underwater imaging to depths of 300m; UHD 4K 30FPS video capture with advanced LED lighting; Ultra-stable navigation underwater;

Virtual Reef Technology enables capture and online publication of 3D transects which can then be analyzed for ecosystem monitoring, including by machine learning (Artificial Intelligence)

High resolution bathymetry & mapping

Seafloor mapping with digital bathymetry and real-time 3D rendering with contour mapping to 1′ resolution.

3D Image reconstruction on board and enhanced bathymetry maps created and uploaded in real time.

Diving Support

Scuba diving support including secure tank hold, diver launch and recovery, underwater safety monitoring.

Diver Safety with dual rescue diver crew on board during diving operations.

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